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The Joggers Handbook

Okay, you�ve finally made the decision.
It�s time to do something about your health and well being.
It isn�t that you are overweight (well, maybe just a few pounds).� It isn�t your age (since when is a young 40 considered middle age?)� Of course it could have nothing to do with climbing the stairs to your office (didn�t you always wheeze like that?)
Yep, it�s time to get serious.� If you think that jogging is something you just jump into, think again.� Yes, the sooner you get started, the better.� However, a little preparation will go a long way toward learning how to �run for your life!


It�s entirely possible that you can do more harm than good by starting an exercise regimen without a well thought out plan.� Run For Your Life: A Joggers Handbook gives you everything you need to know to begin your jogging program the right way.
Take a look at what you will learn:

  • How to Start a Running Regimen � The cheapest, easiest way to get healthy and in shape.
  • Best Places to Run - �Finding a practical and enjoyable place to run.
  • When to Run - There is always time for running in my schedule.
  • Selecting the Right Running Shoes - Choosing the right pair of shoes is essential to maximizing your running experience.
  • Running Apparel Do's and Don'ts - Proper care in selecting apparel will enhance your experience.
  • Warming Up - warming up is an essential part of your routine.
  • Weight Training for Runners - Weight training improves stamina, strength, and speed.
  • Treating What Hurts - Common injuries and their simple treatments.
  • Diet Does Matter - Eating well is one of the elements in ensuring that runners will perform better.
  • Should You Decide to Cross Train - Prevent the possibility of overuse injuries by cross training.
  • Tips For Female Runners - Important facts for female runners.
  • Running and the Weather � All weather running tips.
  • What About Racing � Learning self-discipline.
  • Racing Basics � How to make an informed decision.
  • Running a Marathon - The Mother of All � The ultimate running event.

Running can be a healthy, rewarding experience as long as you use proper planning.� Whether you limit your running to a short exercise activity or plan on working up to a marathon, Run For Your Life: A Joggers Handbook will give you the information you need!
Run for your life!� Run for your health!

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